new business cards
I just received my new business cards printed by Roger over at Public here in Denver. I know we both had a blast figuring out how to make these possible and are excited about how they came out.

business cards sides
The cards themselves are a duplexed wood veneer + letterpressed metallic ink on paper + laser etching on both sides. Luckily Roger is a master and was able to figure out how to combine materials and techniques and pull all of this off in a business card. Here's a few more detailed shots to give you a better feel of how these came out.

business cards stacks

business cards + blades
If you want one for yourself, swing by the studio anytime and I'll gladly share. They even work as a nice air freshener if you're into that woodish, sort of sauna smell, and want to add a little more rustic flavor to your day. These were a lot of fun so be on the look out for some new, larger scale projects coming from Roger and I soon.